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Only in California: Mickey gets a driver’s license — and has it stolen

Mick E. Mouse Photo: Bellevue, WA Police Dept.
Mick E. Mouse
Photo: Bellevue, Wash., Police Dept.

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Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction.

Police in Washington state have busted a prolific identity theft gang that specialized in vandalizing mailboxes and automobiles, and amongst the trove recovered was the stolen driver’s license of Anaheim, Calif. resident Mick E. Mouse.

The international celebrity was listed as 5’ 2” tall, 110 pounds, born on Nov. 18, 1928 – when he made his immortal screen debut as Steamboat Willie – and domiciled at Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, KIRO7 TV reported.

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Police received a tip on July 3 from an alert citizen, who spotted two stolen construction signs on a neighbor’s patio. Further investigation led to the arrest of three people on outstanding warrants and a fourth who admitted to stealing the signs. A search of the condominium uncovered a bevy of stolen goods.

Included were 39 phony Washington State ID cards, 28 assorted false government IDs, 67 fraudulent credit cards, seven bogus Social Security cards, hundreds of stolen checks and Mr. Mouse’s long-sought driver’s license.

Good thing for Democrats he didn’t need it to vote.


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