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Ben Carson floats an idea to overhaul elections in a way that will surprise you

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Ben_CarsonDr. Ben Carson, the man who took President Barack Obama to task last year at the National Prayer Breakfast — while the president sat a few feet away — said removing party affiliations at the ballot box would force voters to learn more about where candidates really stand on issues.

“I actually would favor a voting system, in which there were no political designations on the ballot, where you actually had to know what the person believed,” he said in a new promotional video. “You had to know how they voted in the past.”

In the video, titled “Are you a Republican,” the retired neurosurgeon admitted that he was once a “pretty left-wing Democrat” before acknowledging he is now an Independent.”

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“I tend to be more conservative,” he said. “Because I tend to belong to what I call the Logical Party or the Common-Sense Party. And, conservatism tends to lean more towards common sense than progressivism does.”

Carson’s name continues to be tossed around as a potential 2016 Republican presidential contender, and while he remains coy about a possible run, before that becomes a reality, another party affiliation change will be in his future.

Tom Tillison


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