Note on back of a Red Lobster receipt getting national attention

Acts of kindness always make good stories, and the receipt posted on Reddit recently was no exception.

It not only showed a family’s love, but how compassionate people can be in responding to others’ loss.

As Reddit user Coppin-it-washin-it told it in a recent post, her mother and father were long-time Red Lobster fans, dining at the restaurant in their hometown for every anniversary dinner for the past 31 years – until her father died in March.

Perhaps to ease the pain and keep her father’s memory alive, the poster’s sister took their mother to celebrate the day in a different way, but at the same restaurant that had brought the couple joy for so many years.

At the end of the meal, the bill came with a hand-written message that began, “We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us.”

The meal was complimentary with the note of sympathy.

Reddit readers so appreciated the story, and the gesture, that their “likes” pushed the post to Reddit’s front page on Wednesday.


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Comments have broken 1,000 as of this post — all were mostly supportive, though the question did come up as to whether it could be a marketing ploy:

“If this is a marketing trick to get Red Lobster on the front page, it’s genius,” said one commenter. “If it’s real, this is the way all businesses should be run.”


Michele Kirk


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