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Megyn Kelly so mad at Nancy Pelosi her ‘hair stood on edge’; watch her unload

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Fox personality Megyn Kelly used her bully pulpit on Friday to annihilate Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her outrageous comments about the Supreme Court’s male justices and the Hobby Lobby decision.


On “The Kelly File,” the former lawyer accused the San Francisco congresswoman of parroting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s inane “five white men” remark, ridiculing Pelosi for accusing the justices of blatant sexism and for grossly mischaracterizing the facts involved in the decision.

Pelosi accused the men sitting on the Supreme Court of telling women what types of contraceptive methods they could use, but that was never discussed in the case, Kelly said, blasting Pelosi’s hypocrisy after co-sponsoring the bill protecting corporations from infringement on their religious beliefs.

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The mainstream media had been complacent for not bothering to challenge Pelosi’s distortions, until PolitiFact answered the call and did its homework, Kelly said. The fact-checking organization found that Pelosi fibbed, and when PolitiFact called her office for a response, her media spokesperson would only say, “Yes, Ms. Pelosi misspoke.”

Calling it a failure of leadership, Kelly took Pelosi to task for not having the guts to admit her mistake. Such dishonesty, she said, is why “trust in government was at an all-time low and so many Americans think the government regularly lies to us, and that these falsehoods can be told with complete impunity if a complicit media stands idly by.”


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