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Liberal hosts on-air ‘racial slur’ caused an ‘office-wide gasp’ at the Huffington Post

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It doesn’t take much to cause an office-wide gasp at the Huffington Post, according to an intern who sent this tweet Thursday.

But if you’re tempted to give the liberal publication a pass because he’s only an intern – or maybe he’s talking about a different “office”- you should note that the senior political reporter and politics managing editor of HuffPo also weighed on this important matter:

Listen to the clip – if your innocent ears can stand to hear the “Ch-word” –  and take a peek at some of the great responses these two outraged HuffPo liberals received from their tweets:

Jason Howerton YouTube page:

Well, there was one good liberal cheerleader in the bunch.

And two of my personal favorites:

Okay, the last one was a bit immature, but for some reason it amused me.

H/T: Glenn Beck

Michele Kirk


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