Krauthammer blasts ‘no-president’ Obama over military pink slips: ‘Why in God’s name are we doing this?’

The Pentagon’s announcement on Friday that it is sending out pink slips to soldiers in harm’s way in order to downsize the U.S. Army, brought a scathing response from Fox News Analyst Charles Krauthammer.

Speaking on “Special Report,” the highly respected columnist said that notifying men in combat that they were losing their jobs and vocations was horrible enough, but the larger national issue loomed even worse.

“Why in God’s name are we doing this?” he asked. “This is the most highly-trained force in the world for counterinsurgency, it’s unique in the world, the price has been high – the blood has been paid, but one of the benefits of this is that we have a tremendous fighting force, and we are now reducing it for no reason whatsoever.”

He called the hackneyed response “sequester” “not an act of God, an act of man,” and that reducing the budget on the back of the military after it’s already been decimated “a terrible mistake.”

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“We have an al Qaida state just established in the Middle East” he continued, “and we are now dismantling our army and firing the best, the most well-trained, experienced of our soldiers, as a way to save a few billion dollars here and there, when we are squandering it in half billion tranches on other stuff in the budget?”

Krauthammer lamented that a mobile, anti-guerilla force, exactly what the country would need for the next 20 to 30 years, was now being dismissed.

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