It’s called satire, crazy people! Steven Spielberg ‘killing’ a dinosaur sets off Facebook users

With the advent of social media, it doesn’t take much for some folks to get their rage on.

A photo posted Sunday on Facebook showing director Steven Spielberg posing with a triceratops — see extinct dinosaur — has some folks outraged over the inhumanity of it all.


In an attempt at satire, Jay Branscomb posted the photo of Spielberg posing next to the mechanical triceratops prop on the set of his 1993 blockbuster film Jurassic Park, along with the caption: “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”

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The humorous endeavor proved to be very popular — the post has 13,602 ‘Likes’ and has been shared 37,953 times as of this writing — and prompted more than a few to respond with self righteous indignation.

A few examples:

“Let’s kill things just because we can. Who needs triceratops, lions, or bees for that matter?”

“RIP gentle beUtiful animal.”

“What an asshole! I hope somebody does it to him too! Stop the killing!”

“Why did this animal have to die? I can’t stop crying now. How can he smile like that, in this picture? After what he’s done, to that poor creature.”

On and on the abuse went, but few topped this entry:


Some users, missing the satire completely, directed their rage at the originator of the post: “Hey Branscomb, are you really that f—— much of a(n) idiot. Ever seen the movie called Jurassic Park. Most of you that think this is a Triceratops, like this idiot that posted this,” he wrote.

Speaking of Branscomb, he responded to all the attention in a separate post: “Looks like I finally won the Internet.”

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