IRS employee punished for campaigning for Obama

An independent federal watchdog agency on Thursday suspended an Internal Revenue Service employee for 100 days for urging callers to an IRS help line to vote for Obama.

The unnamed employee admitted to abusing his position for political purposes and has agreed to the punishment, The Washington Times reported.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel found that the IRS customer service operator repeatedly tried to influence callers to the IRS help line in 2012 by chanting the letters in Obama’s name.

In May, the government watchdog organization warned the agency that “Vote Obama” paraphernalia fouund throughout the IRS office in Dallas was prohibited. It also suspended an IRS employee in Kentucky for two weeks for insulting Republicans in a telephone conversation with a taxpayer.

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Besides the military, the IRS is America’s most intimidating federal agency, and U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., for one, is disgusted with its tactics.

“This latest development, exposes a culture that tolerates or even encourages politically motivated activities, contrary to the agency’s mission and purpose,” Boustany told Politico. “This is inexcusable. If the IRS wishes to preserve what little credibility it has with the American people, they will immediately terminate this employee and conduct a thorough internal review into this matter.”

Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


22 thoughts on “IRS employee punished for campaigning for Obama

  1. Seewetoldu says:

    The IRS has no credibility whatsoever .Close it down.

    1. CrossingTheDelaware says:

      Fully agree … it is “necessary and proper”.

    2. marnijwebb says:

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  2. CrossingTheDelaware says:

    And it’s not just the IRS. The same cancer is present in the DoJ, EPA, HHS, Dept of Education …

    1. Jeff Simon says:

      WHAT?!? This is the most transparent administration ever!

  3. Hoppyman50 says:

    100 days is not punishment, it’s a summer vacation. Fine them and fire them, put them into the pool of those who are looking for work so they can get an idea what real Americans are going through.

    1. Doug says:

      Disembowelment is too good.

      1. Hoppyman50 says:

        If either one of us pulled this sheit off we’d both be sent to jail. This government is out of control seeing there is not accountability.

  4. Anthony says:

    So, what you’re saying is not only will this guy get to keep his job, but he’ll most likely get a promotion and a bonus…

    1. Sam says:


  5. Broke Obama says:

    Suspended with pay probably . This last 6 years has been the most pathetic in our history . Nothing is done for the American people , i repeat nothing .

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      Combined with Bush make that 14 yrs

      1. tedlv says:

        BLAME BUSH! The cries of the idiots never cease.

        1. Rip Rogers says:

          Call me an idiot if you will, you know the field of honor does not exist anymore and that is why idiots like you mouth off…Bush is a bad part of recorded history (Just as Bad as Odumba) and find it necessary to remind people so they will be informed. You will not take my rights away you Progressive Bush Bitatch. Yes, I will speak

  6. Jody Hurt says:

    SUSPENSION, REALLY!!!! If he was pushing for Romney, he would have been fired!!

    1. Sam says:

      That’s sad but true

    2. Rip Rogers says:

      I voted against Romney, so did the other conservative TEA. Just will not stand for another Progressive-GOP, it will not happen

      1. Doug says:

        In a straw poll in New Hampshire the other day Romney was overwhelming choice of GOP voters.

        1. CrossingTheDelaware says:

          Those “GOP” straw poll voters must be just like the ones in Hinds county, Mississippi that voted for Thad Cochran.

        2. Rip Rogers says:

          NOTE: GOP not conservatives. The NWO must die on the vine

  7. tedlv says:

    Didn’t Lois Learner campaign openly for Obama? Why wasn’t she suspended?

  8. Jeff Simon says:

    Well, that TOTALLY proves that a non partisan operation like the IRS would never target conservatives. I wish the Republicans would stop pursuing their totally phony scandals. They are old and have been looked into and have been totally discredited by impartial Attorney General Eric Holder.

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