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Gutfeld gets the last word when producers say no to ‘impeachment’ graphics

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The ever-spunky Greg Gutfeld  maneuvered around a Fox prohibition on graphically showing the word “impeachment” in connection to Sarah Palin’s call for ousting President Obama.

On his satirical 3 a.m. call-in show “Red Eye,” the host opened his Thursday monologue with the catchy lines, “The hockey momma wants to impeach Obama. Sarah Palin has a solution to America’s problems, which we’ll discuss in the latest installment of, “Improving Peaches for Men Today,” highlighting the letters “Impeachment” for viewers on the screen, the Washington Post reported.

Gutfeld humorously remarked that no one from that department was watching the show anyway, while Fox News Executive Vice President Michael Clemente said in a serious vein, “Graphics are created on a case-by-case basis, and given how this particular visual could be interpreted, we chose to go a different route.”

Leave it to Gutfeld to get in the last word.

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