Federally funded health center may be refusing job applicants with pro-life views

tampa family health center
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Sara Hellwege lost a chance for a job at the Tampa Family Health Centers because of her pro-life religious beliefs, a U.S. District Court lawsuit alleges.

Federal law prohibits taxpayer-funded health-care facilities from requiring health professionals to prescribe so-called abortifacient forms of birth control, or contraceptives that kill fertilized embryos, if health workers object on religious or moral grounds.

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Hellwege, a recently graduated nursing student and licensed Georgia health-care practitioner, never got that far.

A series of emails between Hellwege and Chad Lindsey, director of human resources for TFHC, points to reservations the health center had with Hellwege’s membership in a pro-life group.

“To inform you, we are a Title X organization and I see that you part (sic) of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists Society. Would this be a reason for you to decline and interview (sic) if offered one?” Lindsey wrote.

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By William Patrick | Florida Watchdog


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