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D’Souza gets in the ring with MSNBC panel over slavery, other lightning rod topics

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D'SouzaConservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza ventured into the unfriendly confines of MSNBC Thursday night to promote his new movie, “America,” and found himself in an intense debate over how “radical” President Obama really is.

The segment opened with a focus on the plight of Native Americans and slavery, with D’Souza stressing that conquest has occurred “since the dawn of mankind,” and stronger tribes often took land from weaker tribes in early America.

He also noted that there were 3500 black slave owners in the South who owned 10,000 black slaves, and that the unique achievement of America was the anti-slavery abolition movement.

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When Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert weighed in, he deferred from the topic altogether to go after D’Souza, saying he misrepresents liberalism and paints President Obama and Hillary Clinton as “monsters of the left who are trying to lead America down a dark path.”

“I don’t think that’s true,” Boehlert said, to the surprise of no one.

Countering with a focus on how Saul Alinsky influenced both Obama and Mrs. Clinton, D’souza noted that Alinsky “learned a lot of his tactics at the hands of the mafia.”

“He would hang around with the Capone gang and he says he would admire the way they extorted money from people, and for Alinsky the question was ‘how do I do that politically,'” he said.

Boehlert dismissed the concept by saying Obama — arguably the most liberal president in American history — and Hillary are “centrist Democrats.”

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