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Ben Shapiro: Obama White House is ‘borderline a Jew-hating administration’

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ben_shapiroTruth Revolt editor Ben Shapiro held nothing back in offering a tough assessment of the Obama administration‘s response to the terrorist group Hamas attacking Israel, saying it’s a borderline “Jew-hating administration.”

As rockets rain down on Israel cities, and millions of its citizens riding out the assault in bomb shelters, Shapiro appeared on “The Kelly File” Thursday to say the administration is “effectively” telling the Israeli people to stop defending themselves.

America is “currently funding a terror group to the tune of $440 million dollars a year,” Shapiro said in reference to the Palestinian Authority unity government that includes Hamas.

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He criticized President Obama for not doing more to prevent things from escalating when three Jewish teenagers were kidnapped, other than to say Israel should act with restraint.

“This is an anti-Israel administration; it’s the first administration in American history that is obviously anti-Israel; it’s borderline a Jew-hating administration,” Shapiro said.

“Wow, that’s tough,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly replied.

“There can be no question at this point that the daylight that has been created between the United States and Israel has emboldened Israel’s enemies and the enemies of the United States,” he answered.

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