Miami Heat fans hating on Lebron James
Miami Heat fans hating on Lebron James

Lighten up folks. It was good while it lasted. Caution: Adult language

IRS employee punished for campaigning for Obama

An independent federal watchdog agency on Thursday suspended an Internal Revenue Service employee for 100 days for urging callers to an IRS help line to vote for […]

BizPac Review
World Cup fan scored modeling gig with L’Oreal, cut for ‘hunting Americans’ picture

In a chance moment that changed her life, a Belgium woman dubbed the “most beautiful fan” at the World Cup gained instant notoriety when a picture of […]

TSA allowing illegals to fly commercial without verifiable ID

According to the National Border Patrol Council, illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners with only their Notice to Appear forms and no verifiable […]

Cleveland man dances in the street after hearing about Lebron James
Cleveland man dances in the street after hearing about Lebron James

Poor Miami fans aren’t’ dancing, that’s for sure.

Greatest intro ever?

Someone at the Washington Free Beacon was thoroughly amused by Al Sharpton, calling this the greatest intro ever. Take 30 seconds to find out why:

ABC’s Stephanopoulos tease for Holder interview blows up on him: ‘Maybe you two could spoon’

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos tweeted a tease about his upcoming Sunday interview with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, hoping to catch the attention of potential viewers. What […]

Shake-up: Major union cuts ties with United Negro College Fund for Koch brothers donation

Making good on a recent threat, a powerful public-sector union severed ties on Tuesday with the United Negro College Fund. In a letter sent by its president, […]

Obama cuts hours-long BBQ line; ‘exercising his executive power’ excuse ticks off Texans

Obama felt like barbeque – or another photo-op – after his speech in Austin Thursday. He reportedly dropped $300 at the famous Franklin BBQ restaurant, but apparently broke […]

Gutfeld impeach1
Gutfeld gets the last word when producers say no to ‘impeachment’ graphics

The ever-spunky Greg Gutfeld  maneuvered around a Fox prohibition on graphically showing the word “impeachment” in connection to Sarah Palin’s call for ousting President Obama. On his […]

D’Souza gets in the ring with MSNBC panel over slavery, other lightning rod topics

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza ventured into the unfriendly confines of MSNBC Thursday night to promote his new movie, “America,” and found himself in an intense debate over how “radical” President […]

US government sends 14,000 draft notices to men born in 1800s: ‘We’re really sorry’

The U.S. Selective Service System began receiving calls from confused citizens last week when it mistakenly ordered 14,000 men, all born in the 1800s, to register for the military draft, The Associated […]