Violent: Can you imagine the outrage if a GOP candidate made this ad?

beltranA Democrat candidate running for Congress in Washington has produced a new video ad that is shocking in its violent nature.

Titled “Estakio Beltran: Good Shot,” the video shows the Hispanic candidate shooting a piñata elephant, saying: “What happens to elephants who stands around doing nothing for too long?”

The implied message behind the elephant is hard to miss.

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The video plays on the Democratic Party’s talking points about the GOP-led House being a do-nothing Congress, which overlooks the true graveyard for most legislation — the Democrat-controlled Senate.

While the media’s reaction to the offensive video is predictable, there’s little doubt that if a Republican candidate made a similar ad they’d be accused of promoting violence against Democrats. Remember the hyperventilation over Sarah Palin’s infamous ‘crosshairs’ ad?

Tom Tillison


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