Sheila ‘dumb as a bag of hammers’ Jackson Lee declared border under control; even MSNBC couldn’t save her

Sheila Jackson Lee is either one smart cookie, or dumb as a bag of hammers.

As tens of thousands of children flood U.S. immigration centers from Central America, the president of the United States describes a “humanitarian crisis” on the country’s southern boundary and the nation’s somnolent media finally seems to be awakening to the Obama administration’s staggering ineptitude, the Texas Democrat knows something known to no one else in America.

The borders are “under control.”

That was Jackson Lee’s jawdropping assessment of the immigration situation Thursday in an interview that even the Democrat-friendly confines of MSNBC couldn’t quite salvage.

“Do you think the border is secure?” host Craig Melvin asked.

“Craig, here’s what I think,” Jackson Lee said. “I think you have not looked to this issue except for this rising migration.”

Melvin: “Congresswoman, this is — this is a very simple question, yes or no, are our borders secure?

Jackson Lee: “I think our border, with now 21,000 border patrol agents, is under control.”

“Except for this rising migration”?

And except for Fox News, MSNBC is the country’s No. 1 rated cable network. And except for those seven German goals on Wednesday, Brazil’s soccer team is a shoe-in for the World Cup. (Except for those German Panzers, the Maginot Line was magnifique!)

Jackson Lee’s lulu pronouncements over the years have generated their share of mockery. In the Twitter-verse, Thursday’s beaut was no exception.

Maybe she really is as dumb as a bag of hammers. But as one user pointed out, that’s not really the problem.

Painful, isn’t it?

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