Frustration boils over as Houston woman goes on epic rant about illegal immigrant children

Bernadette LancelinWith the children being sent across the country, a Houston woman went on an epic rant when she learned that officials were looking at a closed school in her neighborhood as a potential detention facility.
Bernadette Lancelin not only opposed the idea, but did so emphatically:

It’s not right. Now billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the White House to help feed and house them.

What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country.

All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back?

I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care.

I care about what’s going on right here in my own back yard, my neighborhood.

Am I the only one in this community that’s out here that watches the news this morning. Oh, my god! I feel alone right now with this, and I’m very saddened by it.

MyFoxHouston first reported:
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211 thoughts on “Frustration boils over as Houston woman goes on epic rant about illegal immigrant children

  1. Cynthia J. McCoy says:

    I’m glad to see some folks are starting to wake-up it is about time!!! I and a few of my friends have felt alone for a long time. I have been trying to tell to anyone who will listen the problem is no one wants to hear. These people think this guy walks on water. I can’t wait till they all find out that this guy is a real creep and a bum

    1. Cheryl Lynn says:

      You must be from a blue state Cynthia. There are a few idiots left who pay no attention, but in my neck of the woods, anyone who has the sense of a horse, knows better. It was in the paper yesterday that my insurance(largest carrier in the state) just dropped my dermatologist. Wait till the few of those left in my little town who believed the “if you like your doctor” rant find out they now have to drive 40 miles and wait 6 months to have a funny mole looked at. Worth the inconvenience to me to be able to ask “How ya like him now?”

  2. guest says:

    democrats are evil. republicans aren’t better. but at least one wants less taxes.

  3. JC says:

    Bernadette Lancelin you tell’em speak your mind. LOL

  4. Syn Tim says:

    Dumb ass. Not every black woman receives welfare. You know nothing about that woman. Just like not all white people commit mass shootings, kill their wives and kids, are pedophiles, or meth heads. A few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch. I also disagree with this mass illegal migration. Because I would much rather my tax dollars ( that is paid from a very well paid job, obtained after completing the education that both my parents and I paid for. No welfare EVER in my family) be spent on our American children’s needs. The president needs to figure a way to expedite sending them back because the longer they stay it only gives others the impression that because they weren’t returned it really is “come one come all”. And I would like to know how they are able to know for sure that some of these kids are not really Mexican, being coached on what to say and pretending to be from any south America country rather than Mexico to insure they stay rather than get immediately deported. You certainly can’t tell by looking exactly where they are from. So the US is likely being suckered on that as well.

    1. Beadbabe16 says:

      Oh COME ON NOW!! they “returned” 40 to Honduras…….. 40???!!! I am being facetious, AGREE 100% !

  5. Nicolle says:

    The US is the only nation in the world that would allow this invasion to happen. We allow illegals to use our own Constitution against us, when in fact, they should have no rights at all. My vote’s for sending them back immediately. We’ve already been strapped with enough debt from the initial housing costs for these illegals. When will it stop? And I’ll tell you why neither political party wants to make a stand and ship these invaders home asap: They don’t want to be labeled as “Racists.” Thanks to all the PC bullsh*t, if we don’t welcome these law breakers with open arms, then we’re immediately labeled a racist bigots. What’s wrong with American citizens asking that our laws to be enforced at the border? What’s wrong with seeking to care for our own citizens?

  6. ama112 says:

    “The feds haven’t asked the city to get involved” …..funny because from what I understand they’re being sent in and we’re not finding out until ADTRR THE FACT! does anyone know where to go to find out when and where they’ll be coming from? I’ll be there to sit in the middle of the road!

    1. Beadbabe16 says:

      OF COURSE the cowards way is to SNEAK in the back door….

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