Days after Target bans guns from stores, shopper is robbed at gunpoint

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than a week after the national retailer Target issued a company-wide policy asking patrons to leave their guns at home, a Target shopper in Georgia was robbed in a Target parking lot at gunpoint.

Photo: Static Media Hub

The retail chain used the policy on July 2. The Gainesville robbery occurred about 6 p.m. July 7, according to the Gainesville Times.

Fortunately, police and sheriff’s deputies were able to track down three suspects in the robbery – and confiscated the handgun used in the crime, the Times reported.

Prior to the new policy, Minneapolis-based Target’s only policy had been that stores comply with local gun laws. The chain had become something of a symbol to Second Amendment supporters — and a target of gun-grabbers — as gun activists in open-carry states made it a venue to demonstrate the right to bear arms.

The company, however, decided that customers carrying firearms “creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create,” according to a statement issued by its acting CEO.

While Target reaped the laudatory headlines its anti-gun policy drew from the anti-gun left (Talking Points Memo headlined its story “Big win for gun control groups: Target bans guns in its stores”) it did try to make clear it was not actually prohibiting firearms, just requesting they not be brought into the store.

Those three guys who robbed the customer in that Georgia parking lot Monday at least honored that part.


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