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Obama parties in Denver; photos spread of ‘frat party fool’ fist bumping gorillas

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Fist bumping gorillas? Shaking hands with donkeys? The marijuana smoke must permeate the air in Denver.

Why not party hard? After all, things couldn’t be better for America, you know, aside from the massive illegal alien crisis, IRS scandal, VA hospitals killing our vets, Benghazi investigations . . .

No worries about the war in Iraq, the Marine in Mexico, the terrorist surge and the fact that the world is now spitting on our shoes because of this administration.

Social media doesn’t miss much, so let’s take a look at what the narcissist in chief did to make a fool of himself instead of , oh I don’t know, running the country!

Let’s start with the fact the White House proudly announced the “very important” reason the president was in Denver to begin with:

manton89 instagram – Obama is offered pot


Michele Kirk


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