‘It’s not a religion for wusses!’ Megyn Kelly shreds NOW over calling Little Sisters ‘dirty’

Irish eyes were snapping Tuesday night when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly went after one of the country’s top feminists for her organization’s smear of the Little Sisters of the Poor religious order.

In an interview with former National Organization for Women President Patricia Ireland, the Irish Catholic Kelly was aghast that NOW had placed the famously humble nuns on its “Dirty 100” list for the sisters’ opposition to Obamacare’s contraception/abortion mandate.

megynkellynow0709new“They operate homes in 31 countries where they provide care for over 13,000 needy, elderly persons, many of whom are dying,” Kelly said. “Dirty? Dirty? You stand by that?”

Ireland gamely tried to defend the indefensible as a bad play on words (“it’s a takeoff on the ‘Dirty Dozen,’” she said) and as somehow deserved because the Little Sisters of the Poor have the temerity to try to live by their faith.

Kelly was having none of it.

The Little Sisters are Catholic nuns, defending Catholic doctrine, she said.

“Are you Catholic?” she asked Ireland. “Well I am. We follow rules. It’s not a religion for wusses!”

Check out the interview here. You don’t have to be Catholic to know the nuns are right on this one.


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