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‘Conservatives shouldn’t feel alone’: Mom driving liberals insane talks to Fox about vicious threats

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Well hello, Holly.

The woman who’s playful Twitter photos illustrating conservative values drove libs to such despair that they put their moral bankruptcy on global display took to Fox News on Wednesday with a simple message:

Conservatives shouldn’t feel alone.

As most conservatives know by now, Holly Fisher is the name of the West Virginia mother of three whose original photo of herself wearing a pro-life shirt, holding a Chick-fil-A drink outside a Hobby Lobby caused an uproar among sensitive libs.

Fisher’s follow-up tweet, of herself with a Bible and a gun standing before an American flag drove the left to such a paroxysm of fury on the Fourth of July that they tweeted responses speaking of rape, stoning, and disparaging the life of Fisher’s infant son.

They also included a supposedly biting comparisons of Fisher’s photo to one of a female terrorist bearing a rifle and a Quran under the headline “Explain the difference.”

Photo: BPR file

Normal people – i.c. not liberals – have no problem understanding “the difference” between an American woman proudly aligning herself with an American flag, a Bible and the arms to defend both and a murderous savage (powerfuly described by NRO writer Charles C.W. Cooke here). But for the sake of  liberal readers, here’s a big one:

She’s on our side — the side of human freedom, of individual liberty and personal responsibility. And sometimes that takes a gun to defend it.

And that simple fact, and the evident confusion it caused, was Fisher’s point during her “Fox & Friends” appearance,

“It’s shocking for me that people would compare someone who is standing in front of our flag that represents our freedom on Independence Day,” she said.

“I’m holding my First and Second Amendment rights in my hand and it all represents freedom, and they want to compare me to a woman who is quite the opposite. She despises everything about this country and hates this country and would kill all of us if given an opportunity. I don’t understand where the logic comes from.”

It comes from the liberal mind, Holly, and its essential misunderstanding of what exactly this country stands for and how and why it has to be defended.

It’s what this whole thing is really about.


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