Video: Black protesters confront pro-Illegal immigrant supporters with raw passion

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A small group of black Americans at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station on July 4th debated illegal immigration with a passion that went beyond individual opinion, reaching into the effects the surge would have on American society as a whole.

At times, the discussion focused on the predicted impact the problem will have on the black community, already facing a significantly higher unemployment rate than the rest of society. Immigration is not a black or white issue, but the arguments here are powerful and based on deeply rooted experiences.

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“We want to save others and kill Americans”

The conversation was raw with emotions from the perspective of black Americans struggling to survive. One man’s powerful argument brought the big picture closer to home for his defiant pro-illegal immigration opponents, when he asked this:

“If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you going to take them in?… Are you going to try to find out where they came from? Are you going to try to send them back?… What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?… Why would we add to the problem?”

The irrational argument from the pro-immigrant side was all about how we – the U.S. – destroyed these countries all over the world so we should take them all in. It’s nonsense that would get any patriotic American’s blood boiling.

The debate starts around the 1:40 mark and language is rough at certain points, but this is well worth watching:

Via Citizens News:

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