Rub-a-dub-dub! Police curious why 3 guys stole $2K in soap from CVS

Not the suspects . . .
Not the suspects . . .

Local authorizes are flummoxed, attempting to understand the motives of a trio of thieves who struck Sandy Springs, Georgia CVS pharmacy.

The police chief of the Atlanta suburb – Sgt. Ron Momon told WSB-TV the thieves – were filmed by surveillance cameras walking into the store – casually grabbing $2,000 worth of soap and other personal hygiene products. They then walked right past the cashiers, out the doors, to complete their unchallenged getaway.

According to other press reports, police are saying they want to catch up with the suspects to “find out why they took the products.”

Maybe we can help. Perhaps they stole them, in order to resell them. Or – maybe one, or multiple members of the trio would like to bathe. If that isn’t it – maybe they know people who are badly in need of a bath. Or a shower.  Instead of finding out “why” they took the products, the better bet would be to punish them – for the theft .

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