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Only in Obama’s America: NOW calls Little Sisters of the Poor ‘dirty’

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Only in the Age of Obama does a group that claims to be devoted to the rights of women attack the Little Sisters of the Poor – as “dirty.”

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The nuns are named among the National Organization for Women‘s “Dirty 100” organizations for their opposition to the Obamacare birth control/abortion mandate.

The nuns’ sin, of course, is challenging the Obama administration’s authority to force their order to offer contraception and birth control coverage to employees that contradicts centuries-old Catholic doctrine about the sanctity of human life.

The Little Sisters aren’t the only Catholic organization to make NOW’s disgraceful list, which NOW is promoting with the hashtag #Dirty100 (see the whole thing here).

Others on it include Priests for Life and 12 Catholic dioceses and archdioceses.

Here’s a little reality for the NOW ladies: When you’re in an organization that truly considers groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor part of its Dirty 100 enemies list, you’re on the wrong side.

Check out some of the reaction to the news on Twitter. It’s not the kind of publicity NOW was looking for.

This one sums it up perfectly.

Pathetic. Even for them.

H/T: Washington Examiner


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