Bar attacked for ‘Jim Crow’ dress code: ‘Might as well just say no black folks allowed’

A Minneapolis night club’s dress code aimed at forcing patrons to dress presentably is being attacked as racist by people who apparently think being black means dressing like a slob.

barlouiednewcode0708According to Minneapolis Fox affiliate KSMP, the nightclub Bar Louie has posted a sign barring customers in “flat bill hats,” “long plain white T-shirts,” “excessively baggy clothing” or sporting “large chains.”

That struck some observers as basically barring blacks.

“If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code,” one man told the station in an interview.

(The dress code sign doesn’t specify that it’s meant to apply to men only, but that’s the likely intent. Women in nightclubs rarely wear “excessively baggy” clothing anyway.)

Resident Michelle Horovitz, a white woman who apparently has a big, white liberal chip on her shoulder, called the dress code “ridiculous.”

“Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” she said. “It’s ridiculous.

“Minnesota might be the nicest, healthiest, cleanest state in America, but we have huge issues as far as segregation, racism, systematic oppression — and people want to look the other way,” Horovitz said. “This is not OK, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

Well, Michelle, this being America and all, anyone who doesn’t want to dress in a way that satisfies the club’s code is perfectly free not to patronize Bar Louie. In fact, they’re being specifically asked not to patronize it. So what exactly is the harm here?

And while liberal outlets like the Huffington Post have jumped on the story, according to most of the reaction on Twitter, the club is just asking patrons to dress like adults.

Check out the KSMP report here.


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