Sleeping Yankees fan sues ESPN for $10 million

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A New York Yankees fan has filed a lawsuit against ESPN for airing footage of him snoozing during a recent game.

Andrew Rector, 26, is suing the network and two of its announcers for $10 million because they mocked him, according to the papers filed this month in State Supreme Court in the Bronx.

Rector was caught by the camera looking like he was out cold during the fourth inning of the April match-up with the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

ESPN announcers Dan Shulman and John Kruk had some back-and-forth banter on-air about how odd it was that the guy was slumped over, sound asleep in the middle of the game. They threw in a few harmless jokes about the fan sitting next to him to keep the conversation going. The whole time the camera kept cutting in and out of the sleeping Rector.

The clip caused some viewers to post negative comments on the Sunday night game’s highlights package uploaded to Sports fans called Rector things like “a fatty cow that needs two seats” and “a confused, disgusted and socially bankrupt individual,” according to news reports. The suit alleges humiliation and emotional distress.


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