Heart-stopping near-miss video: Plane aborts landing at last second to avoid collision

This is a heart-stopping moment to watch and a fortunate save on the part of the pilot. The miracle was shared on social media to a stunned audience that made it go viral.

Miguel Ángel posted the incident on You Tube Sunday, but the near-miss happened early the morning before.

An UTair Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) incoming from Moscow as UT5187 and Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV) were involved into what could be the bigger disaster of Barcelona Airport.

After that incidence the plane landed safely on runway 02, and the Argentinas took-off heading Buenos Aires

Check out the video and reactions via Live Leak:

Here’s a sample of the humor from a few of the 500 plus comments on Live Leak:

Imagine being a passenger on the right side of the plane, LOL. Be scarier than seeing Oprah Winfrey step out of the bath.
by RuneScapeNoob

@RuneScapeNoob with Rosie O’Donnell
by koopa-troopa

Imagine it is like a car race when the pilot get out and beat the hell out of the other pilot.
by PinotBlanc

They probably had to clean all of the seats on that side of the plane.
by embarrassing dancing dad

all people in the tower were sleeping i guess
by [email protected]

it was a siesta.
by Donron


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