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Texas Gov. Perry blames Obama for allowing immigration crisis to fester before it exploded

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry  castigated President Obama on Sunday for what Perry called a continuing refusal to deal seriously with the crisis on America’s southern border.

Interviewed by Martha Radatz on ABC’s “This Week,” Perry described how he sent Obama a letter in May, 2012, explaining the  then-growing problem of unaccompanied youngsters crossing the border. Perry said he predicted a would ensue because of the widespread perception in Central America that the Obama administration’s policies are soft on illegal immigrants – particularly children.

Perry complained that the Obama administration never sent a reply, because “they either are inept or don’t care.”

“And we’re seeing that [crisis] become reality today,” Perry told Radatz. “This is a failure of diplomacy. It is a failure of leadership from the administration in Washington, D.C.”

He said charged that Obama does not “care whether or not the border of the United States is secure,” and said Obama’s recent plea to Central American parents to keep their children home came “about five years too late.”

Perry told Radatz that Obama had sent “powerful messages time after time by his policies, by nuances, that it is OK to come to the United States and you can come across and you’ll be accepted in open arms. That is the real issue.”

Watch the interview here via YouTube.


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