DHS chief plays word games instead of answering: Will alien children be deported?

An aggressively persistent David Gregory could not get a straight answer from Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, no matter how he phrased the  question.

With more than 50,000 Central American children crowding U.S. immigration facilities thanks to a deluge of illegal immigrants through the southern border, the host of Sunday’s “Meet the Press” asked  a simple question, five times:

Will most of these illegal immigrant children be deported home?

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Johnson danced around any response with the following equivocations:

  • “A deportation process commenced against illegal migrants including children…”
  • “We are looking for additional options to deal with the children in particular…”
  • “We need to find more efficient, effective ways to turn the tide around…”
  • “The goal of the administration is to stem the tide and send the message…”
  • “There is a deportation proceeding pending against everyone who comes into this country illegally…”

The inescapable conclusions were that the vast majority of the illegals will remain in the United States, and the Obama administration simply cannot tell the truth about it.

Check out the video here via The Right Scoop.

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