Big-money executives rescue vet’s home in fight over flag in flower pot

FlagManTwo business executives 3,000 miles away have come to the aid of a Florida veteran at risk of losing his home for putting a small American flag in a planter near his front door.

Larry Murphree, 73, has been accruing fines of $100 a day since last year for violating his homeowners association’s flag display rules, but two senior executives for Los Angeles-based Lear Capital have come forward and agreed to pay the fees, according to Fox News.

“When we read his story  it offended our sensibilities,” Scott Carter, CEO of Lear Capital told Fox News. “The thought of him losing his home, we felt it was wrong. We wanted to help.”

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Carter and Lear Capital founder Kevin DeMerritt paid a total of $10,500, to include fines and a $2,500 tax adjustment.

“They were using the strongarm of money to get him to get rid of the flag,” Carter said of the homeowners association. “They were skimming the money from his [paid] dues to pay the fines which created a lien on his house.”

Murphree has been fighting with the homeowners association for two years over the right to display a flag.

“The flag is worth fighting for,” he told Fox News previously. “If they want to foreclose, bring it on. I’m getting calls from all over the county to stand up. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Tom Tillison


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