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Violent Arabs attack vigil for murdered Israeli teens causing riot, injuries

Photo Credit PamGeller.com

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A clash between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian protesters turned violent on Thursday as police struggled to keep the two sides at bay.

The Jewish Defense League planned a vigil outside the Palestine House in Mississauga, Canada, for three kidnapped Israeli students found dead earlier in the week, the Toronto Star reported.

But when they showed up, Palestinian supporters were there to greet them and it didn’t take long for fistfights to break out — despite heavy police presence.

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A video of the clashes appears to show that much of the violence was initiated by pro-Palestinian protesters, but there were no arrests, according to the Star.

“Without police presence, this definitely would have turned violent,” a local resident told the newspaper. “This was a very frightening experience for me.”

A Youtube video of the confrontation was published by Pamala Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website:

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