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Photo makes liberal heads explode; official count unknown

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Holly Fisher, aka Holly Hobby Lobby, is learning how to push buttons.

The conservative mom brought the wrath of liberals on when she took to Twitter last month to tell an infuriating and heartbreaking story explaining how Obamacare stripped her of access to all her baby’s heart doctors. Libs attacked Fisher with a vengeance on Twitter

Revenge came this week with a photo she’d hoped would make liberal heads explode. The picture of Fisher wearing a “pro-life” T-shirt sipping on a Chick-fil-A drink in front of Hobby Lobby got the attention of a few million people.

There is no official count on how many liberal heads exploded.

Conservatives pointed out a few things the photo was missing so Fisher released a follow-up. She also took care of the liberal men who thought they could scare her by posting a message just for them (last):


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