Jewelry store holdup devolves into an entertaining comedy of errors

robbery_failA recent attempted robbery of a California jewelry store has no chance of ever being compared to the greatest heist ever.

Two teen would-be robbers walk into a family owned jewelry store in Fresno, Calif., with one being seen on camera pulling out a large hand gun and demanding cash and jewelry, KFSN reported.

At the same moment, the other teen pulled out his cell phone and decided to make a call, even as he tried to jump a counter.

While it’s not clear if the call was successful, the leap was not.

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Having failed to clear the counter, the teen began to circle around behind the counter just as store owner Soledad Castaneda emerged from the back room with a shotgun — Castaneda was in the back of the store when she heard the employee yelling that they were being held up, according to KFSN-TV.

The unarmed teen was close to the door and wasted little time in getting out of Dodge, but not before calling on his colleague to shoot the victims. Fortunately for all, the armed teen was too busy beating a hasty retreat of his own to take heed of the advice.

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Tom Tillison


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