Cut them off! Sheriff Arpaio tells Neil Cavuto exactly how he would stop the border problem

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of America’s most famous law enforcement officials, called for cutting off foreign aid to Mexico, until they decide to uphold the laws in their own country and help stem the tide of illegal immigrants flooding into America.

“I was Director of Drug Enforcement [Agency] in Mexico City and Latin America…We were operational,” the outspoken sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., said on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Thursday. “We were working next to the military and the Federales. Maybe it’s about time to send the military or the Border Patrol across the border bilateral and work with the authorities there like we used to.”

Arpaio continued with more common sense solutions:

“Maybe we ought to take away foreign aid like we threatened under [President Richard] Nixon when I worked there. Take away their foreign aid until they straighten this problem out on that side of the border.”

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Known as a strong advocate of border control, Arpaio expressed skepticism at the president’s appeal to Congress for $2 billion more to hire more judges and staff.

“None of it’s connected to enforcement,” he said. “What’s two billion. That’s a joke.”

In the past the two countries’ Border Patrols had worked together successfully and perhaps that should be tried again, he suggested.

Watch the interview here, via YouTube.



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