Bergdahl platoon members haven’t been contacted in new desertion probe

Some of Bergdahl’s platoon sat down to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly last month.

Soldiers who served with accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan before he walked off his Army base in 2009 say investigators still haven’t contacted them with questions about the incident.

According to, despite a new probe, at least two former Army sergeants — including the platoon’s leader — have not heard from officials handling the case.

Former Army Sgt. Matt Vierkant is still waiting, but he said records already exist with sworn statements given by every soldier associated with Bergdahl in 2009, according to Fox.

“There’s only a handful of us who were actually there and we haven’t been contacted yet,” former Army Sgt. Evan Buetow told “I don’t really know how in-depth they’re trying to get here. I thought we’d be some of the people they’d call. I think they have their mind made up already on what they want people to know.”

According to

Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, is conducting a new investigation to examine whether Bergdahl went AWOL or deserted his post. The probe won’t begin until Bergdahl’s reintegration process is complete, and Dahl’s recommendations will ultimately be sent to the director of the Army staff, who could then approve or alter them before forwarding to Bergdahl’s commander.

The report distinguishes a deserter as a soldier with no intention of returning to his or her post, while legally, someone who goes AWOL intends to rejoin.

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