Video: In 2008, candidate Obama vowed to ‘obey the Constitution’; how’s that working out?

Back during the 2008 campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama was asked if he would attach “signing statements” to his signature on bills passed by Congress as an “end run around Congress.”

Photo: Daily Telegraph

The former constitutional law professor gave a brief but still tiresome explanation of the American system of checks and balances established by the Founders, then promised unequivocally to “obey the Constitution.”

Six years later, and after numerous rebukes by the Supreme Court for overstepping his authority – and rewriting laws passed by his own party – the words ring painfully hollow.

“This is part of the whole theory of George Bush, that he can make laws as he goes along,” Obama said then. “I disagree.”

Of course, in 2008, then-candidate Obama also opposed gay marriage.

Check out the video here, and be grateful we have only two more years of this to put up with.

And happy Fourth of July.

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