Jimmy Kimmel takes jab at Obama over long list of failures

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took a jab at President Obama earlier in the week when he joked about the World Cup having a negative effect on productivity in the workplace.

“Work even stopped at the White house today,” he said.” About 200 White House staffers gathered to watch the game when lo and behold, their boss walked in and began to lead them in cheer.”

(Never mind that we’re talking about 200 staffers being paid by hard working taxpayers to watch a soccer game.)

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Kimmel plays a clip that showed Obama leading the cheer: “I believe! I believe! I believe that we can win! I believe that we can win!”

As it turned out, the U.S. team lost to Belgium 2-1, which eliminated them from World Cup play.

“Well, he believed in a lot of things that didn’t quite work out,” Kimmel quipped. “Just put that one on the list.”

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Tom Tillison


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