Fox News panel discusses likelihood that flippant Obama’s ‘giving up on the job’

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In the wake of a new Quinnipiac poll that said President Obama is the worst president since World War II, a Fox News panel discussed the likelihood that he is “giving up on his job.”

“The problem is that the president is giving Americans the sense as he gives up on Congress, he’s kind of giving up on his job,” A.B. Stoddard said. “They know he’s bolting from the building to go to Starbucks and Chipotle. He’s getting bored in the cocoon, he’s planning his post-presidency.”

Stoddard, associate editor at The Hill, said there are reports that Obama may want to move to New York.

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“He’s having lots of dinner parties where he doesn’t talk about policies or politics but the NBA playoffs. Anything but his job,” she said. “And as he has all these difficulties flare up, international crises that are deteriorating, a stubborn economy that doesn’t get better, he seems like he’s giving up on the job, not just on the gridlock in Congress.”

“It is largely because of the president’s flippant attitude towards the presidency. ‘So sue me’–what kind of a president would make that argument?” The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes added.

Charles Krauthammer summed up the discussion well when he said, “He gave people hope, but he doesn’t know how to govern.”

Unfortunately, as Stoddard noted, the American people are stuck with him for another two-plus years.

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