San Francisco Burger King goes rainbow with ‘Proud Whopper,’ response mixed

The limitless imagination of the American marketing mind came to the fore again this week, as a San Francisco Burger King franchise unveiled its “Proud Whopper” in honor of LGBT Week.

It’s exactly the same as a regular flame-grilled Whopper, but inside its rainbow-colored wrapper read the words, “We are all the same inside.”

Senior Vice President Fernando Machado told Fox News, “It showcases who we are as a brand. It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.”

The fast food chain even produced a video to highlight the campaign, ending with a little girl yelling, “I love my two mommies,” although only one restaurant is in on the promotion.

According to AdWeek, all proceeds from the $4.29 burger will be donated to the Burger King McLemore Foundation for scholarships for KGBT graduating high school seniors.

From Twitter Nation the promotion drew a mixed reaction, since a Whopper is a Whopper, but an advertising campaign is a fertile field for harvesting commentary.



Watch the video here via Fox News.

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