OFA tweets ‘absolute rubbish’ on birth control, Obama’s official account repeats the lie

Upon the completion of the 2012 presidential election, President Obama‘s campaign apparatus morphed into Organizing for Action, an entity tasked with advocating for the president’s agenda.

And a tweet posted Thursday from OFA’s Twitter account was doing just that.

Building on the Democrat’s fabricated “war on women,” the tweet pushed the myth that woman are being denied access to birth control — a clear play on the Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately for OFA, there were a few Twitter users willing to call it for what is it — “absolute rubbish.” Twitchy.com captured some other responses:

A short time later, Obama’s official Twitter account got in on the propaganda:

The tweet prompted a great question, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on an answer:

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Tom Tillison


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