Megyn Kelly pits D’Souza against Ayers in a riveting battle over the goodness of America

ayers-dsouzaDomestic terrorist Bill Ayers, founder of the radical Weather Underground movement, squared off with filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in a riveting exchange Wednesday evening on “The Kelly File.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly had both men in the studio for a special to be aired on the Fourth of July and gave her audience a preview of the debate about America.

The segment began with the question of whether America is a force for good, as D’Souza states in his new movie, “America,” which opened in over 1000 theatres Wednesday — a contention that Ayers immediately took issue with.

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Referring to a tradition of dissidence, radicals and revolutionaries, Ayers tried to equate his actions as an anti-war protestor in the 60s with that of the Founding Fathers.

At one point, Ayers adamantly claimed that he and his Weather Underground activists “were never terrorists,” continually going back to the Vietnam War as justification for their actions.

Ayers had no problem admitting that he is not proud to be an American.

“I’m not proud to be an American and I don’t buy the American exceptionalism at all,” he said, pointing to the “damage” America does in the world.

D’Souza, who was born in India, countered by pointing out that “you see things in America that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world.”

All in all, D’Souza held his own in representing what’s good about America in a captivating debate with a man who has spent a lifetime trying to tear it down.

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Tom Tillison


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