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Hillary Clinton disses USA, taking plans for the 4th of July elsewhere

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Hillary Clinton has big plans for the Fourth of July – and it doesn’t include the United States.

Instead, the former secretary of state will be spending America’s birthday on the shores of Great Britain, its former enemy prior to declaring independence, according to The Guardian.

Clinton will be sitting down for a live-stream Internet interview and in a video posted on its website, The Guardian asks, “What’s the one question we should ask Hillary Clinton?”

The move isn’t being widely promoted as a good idea for someone who may seek to be the president of the United States in 2016.

“Clinton, a possible candidate for the presidency in a couple years, should recognize that the earliest holders of that office did not have the luxury of a pampered sit-down with King George’s subjects: They were busy showing the Brits the door,” National Review Online wrote.

Even one Twitter user took notice and posted this tweet:

Veteran’s outrage saves small town’s Fourth of July parade from ‘lack of interest’


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