Charles Krauthammer compares presidents: Reagan governed, Obama whines

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer raked the president over the coals once again, this time for his failure to work with Congress.

The popular commentator decried Obama’s insistence on campaigning in place of governing on Wednesday’s “Special Report“.

“It’s the speeches he made in ’04 and ’08 that made him president,” he said. “But when you’re in your sixth year, campaigning and speeches mean nothing.”

“He talks about Ukraine but does nothing, said Krauthammer. “He talks about Syria and Iraq, he does nothing. He talks about increasing America’s standing in the world. We are despised in the world, ignored in the world. Our standing is lower just about everywhere you look than it was when he came in.”

On the domestic scene, he contrasted former President Ronald Reagan’s ability to work with the legislative branch and produce results.

“He changed the country enormously without controlling Congress,” Krauthammer said. “And all Obama can do is whine about the fact that the other guys are in charge of Congress. And he defiantly says if Congress won’t do its job, i.e. enact my agenda, I will do it. Well that’s not what the Constitution says.”

The president’s “egregious overreaching” would be stopped, he predicted.

Watch the interview here via Fox News.

H/T Mediaite

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