FBI arrests Colorado woman bent on waging jihad and assisting ISIS

A 19-year-old woman intent on travelling to Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), marrying her Tunisian suitor and waging jihad was arrested […]

US Soccer team
Narcissist in chief strikes again – Obama congratulates US soccer team

By now most twitter users know that if you ask, “How did Obama congratulate the U.S. soccer team?” The response would overwhelmingly be, “By tweeting a picture […]

Proud Whopper
San Francisco Burger King goes rainbow with ‘Proud Whopper,’ response mixed

The limitless imagination of the American marketing mind came to the fore again this week, as a San Francisco Burger King franchise unveiled its “Proud Whopper” in […]

OFA tweets ‘absolute rubbish’ on birth control, Obama’s official account repeats the lie

Upon the completion of the 2012 presidential election, President Obama‘s campaign apparatus morphed into Organizing for Action, an entity tasked with advocating for the president’s agenda. And […]

Cigar roller
FDA rules could snuff out 119-year-old family cigar business

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is one of a kind, literally. Founded in 1895 by Julius Caesar Newman, a Hungarian immigrant, the Tampa-based family business is the last of […]

Video: Lion kept in small house attacks guest
Video: Lion kept in small house attacks guest

It’s cruel to keep a majestic animal like a lion in a small house. It’s not too nice to be inviting guests over, either. Gang of bikers […]

Larry the Cable Guy surprises troops at Ft. Bragg for 4th of July

“Fox and Friends” was on hand Wednesday morning as Larry the Cable Guy surprised the troops at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in recognition of this year’s Fourth […]

Video of police lieutenant pushing over paraplegic in wheelchair goes viral
Video of police lieutenant pushing over paraplegic in wheelchair goes viral

An independent investigation determined that Indiana police Lt. Tom Davidson violated department rules, but lets him keep his job. Via MailOnline: The news that Lafayette Police Department […]

Gov. Perry slams Obama’s Texas money grab, failure to see the border crisis he created

Presidents have their priorities. President Obama’s got plenty of time to whack Republicans over immigration policies, and he’s got plenty of time to cruise around the blue […]

Michelle Obama shaking down Wall Street again — and heading off Hillary donors?

The chief spokeswoman for the “party of the working people” is occupying Wall Street again – for a price, of course. The New York Post’s Page 6 […]

Charles Krauthammer compares presidents: Reagan governed, Obama whines

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer raked the president over the coals once again, this time for his failure to work with Congress. The popular commentator decried Obama’s […]

Obama’s feds sue company because it requires workers to speak English

An administration that finds discrimination everywhere can find it anywhere. Even in an American business that wants its employees to be able to speak English. The federal […]