VA workers rip crucifix off dying vet’s neck, deal crack, rape and more, according to audit report

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More than 1,000 veterans may have died at the hands of the Department of Veterans Affairs, even as the agency was beset with shocking instances of employee misconduct.

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK., released an oversight report of the VA last week that detailed behavior “ranging from skipping work and stealing a crucifix from the neck of a dying veteran to crack dealing, sexting, manslaughter and conspiring to ‘kidnap, rape and murder women and children,'” CNS News reported.

There were so many instances of egregious misconduct that Coburn’s office released a list of “Top 10 Outrageous VA Behaviors.”

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One case that did not make the “Top 10″ list involved a nurse working at a VA hospital in Kentucky who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after being “charged with killing a World War II veteran.”

The 90 year old veteran died from a lethal dose of morphine, and according to the report, “at least two other veterans cared for by the same nurse died under suspicious circumstances.”

The nurse was only sentenced to “time served of eight days.”

Another case involved Jose Bejar, a male neurologist in Topeka, Kansas who was charged with multiple counts of sexual misconduct. He was placed on paid administrative leave for two years before pleading no contest to “conducting inappropriate pelvic and breast examinations on patients.”

The incidents go on and on, be it rehiring an employee responsible for a drunk driving incident that killed a co-worker, or watching child pornography on work computers.

The only consistency being that veterans continued to die.

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