Study proves race-baiting Holder dead wrong about voter ID, black turnout

A new study of the actual impact of voter ID laws shows Eric Holder’s Justice Department and the “civil rights” racket’s shills are dead wrong about how the laws actually affect voters.

Photo: Gaslamppost

In a study of North Carolina voters commissioned by the conservative group Judicial Watch, researchers found voting increased between the primary election of May 2010 – before the state’s voter ID law went into effect – and May 2014, when the law was in place.

The study found voter turnout across the board, especially among black voters, according to the Blaze. 

That gives the lie to Holder and President Obama’s argument that the laws discourage minority turnout.

“The recent election in North Carolina shows that the Obama administration is engaged in a race-baiting canard when it suggests that voting integrity measures suppress minority votes,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

“It is high time that the Obama administration comes into line with the majority of the American people who want to strengthen rather than weaken ballot box integrity.”

Holder’s Justice Department has sued North Carolina and Texas over their voter ID laws, and studies like this one aren’t likely to change their minds.

Race-baiting canards are what got Obama and Holder into office. They’re not going to drop them now.


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