Near riot: Angry protesters block buses of immigrants from entering their town

Photo Credit – ABC San Diego KGTV

With 52,000 unaccompanied children having crossed into the U.S. from Mexico since October, the illegal immigrants are being sent all throughout the country for processing, but residents in one California town took to the streets to block them from entering their community.


Carrying signs that read “Stop Illegal Immigration” and “Return to Sender,” a hundred protesters turned out Tuesday in Murrieta, Calif., to block the street, forcing three busses of illegal immigrants to turn away, according to the local ABC affiliate.

KGTV reported that a group of 140 illegal immigrants from Central America were flown from Texas to Southern California, then loaded onto busses to be taken to a Border Patrol facility in Murrieta, located between San Diego and Los Angeles.

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The busses, filled with mostly “adults with children,” were rerouted to the San Ysidro border station before police could clear the street.

According to KGTV, the group would be screened for health issues later in the day — several children were taken to the hospital for “unknown reasons” and many others were said to be unhealthy.

The protesters were confronted by supporters of the illegal immigrants, and racial slurs were hurled back and forth.

“They’re trying to kick us out for no reason,” said Sonia Nolasco. “They’re trying to say we’re trying to take over their city and their town and this and that and it’s not true.”

“We want families to be together, united, this is the best thing that can happen in the U.S., ” said Pedro Gomez.

Emotions were raw at a city council meeting Tuesday night.

“I feel like we’re being destroyed because of the [Obama] administration and what he’s doing,” a distraught woman said. “I feel for these children. I believe they’re being used and abused by our government and theirs.”

KGTV reporter Matt Mendes tweeted images from the scene

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