War on Watters: Alpha-females have cops remove Jesse from NOW conference

Well, it had to happen eventually.

Jesse Watters isn’t always welcome when he wields his microphone on the streets of America for Bill O’Reilly’s “Watters’ World.”

The poor guy was discriminated against by the National Organization for Women in Albuquerque, N.M. last week and threatened he’d be arrested, to boot.

It started when the mild-mannered journalist tried to get press credentials months in advance to cover the event and was repeatedly ignored.

As any good reporter would, he showed up at the Hyatt anyway and asked the attendees about the so-called “war on women” they are fighting diligently against.

When word got around that Watters was asking questions like,”have you ever been hurt by the war on women?” or, “have you ever burned your bra?,” the alpha-females of the group took charge and called the police. He was promptly removed, but not before being called a “sexist,” of course.

After some fun chatter with the friendly officers who escorted him out, Watters was informed by a stern police woman that the Hyatt hotel demanded he not return and said he would be arrested if he did.

“I feel very discriminated against,” he said.

Michele Kirk


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