NBC cameras catch glimpse of gag-worthy picture frame in Valerie Jarrett’s office

A recent NBC special on the White House life of Obama Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett contained a brief behind-the-scenes look at what that might really be like.

Does this picture tell you anything?

Photo: The Blaze

Suffice it to say, minions bowing before their betters might be the real progressive vision for this country, but it’s a pretty far cry from what the Founders had in mind.

According to The Blaze, the frame that comes complete with worshippers is a gag gift, available on sites like Allmodern.com for $18.47, and Jarrett confirmed to the website that that was the case here.

Via Twitter, she explained:

Gag gift or not, the picture is worth a thousand words. Jarrett isn’t a normal presidential adviser — and she doesn’t pretend to be. Whether it’s getting a Secret Service protection detail — unusual for a senior advisor — or being the subject of New York Times profiles with headlines like “The Other Power in the West Wing,” it’s pretty clear that the image of three figurines bowing before Jarrett’s likeness isn’t all that far from the reality of the Obama White House.

A gag gift?

One to make the country gag, anyway.


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