Valerie Jarrett tells what Michelle Obama would never ever do, but she might

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett is certain that Michelle Obama won’t ever run for political office, but she isn’t as certain about her own future.

“Is Michelle Obama going to run for office?” NBC’s Cynthia McFadden asked Jarrett on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

“No,” Jarrett answered without hesitation.

“You said that very definitively,” McFadden said.

“Well, I’m absolutely, 100 percent positive that that will never happen,” Jarrett responded.

McFadden then took the interview in a different direction.

“How about Valerie Jarrett?” she asked. “Will you ever run for office?”

Jarrett wasn’t as clear, saying it was “unlikely,” but leaving her options open.

“But maybe?” McFadden asked.

“Not as definitive as the first lady, but highly unlikely,” Jarrett said .

When McFadden asked whether Jarrett would support a Hillary Clinton presidential bid in 2016, she dodged the question, saying, “Well, since she hasn’t even announced her candidacy, I think it’s premature.”

Watch the interview here via NBC News:

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