Gasp! The PSA making conservative moms everywhere blush

A video featuring two rambunctious boys playing with mom’s sex toys is one way to get everyone’s attention.

The two young angels innocently ran out of the house playing swords with mommy’s colorful vibrators when they were spotted by their red-faced mothers, one of which was the presumed owner of said playthings.

Evolve, an organization that advocates gun safety, released the controversial spot duly named “Playthings,” Wednesday.

“If they find it, they’ll play with it,” the ad’s narrator said. “Always lock up your guns.”

Aside from the fact that I hope these actors had no idea what they were playing with at such a young age, there’s something humorous about the “out of the box” thinking that it took to make an ad like this.

I’m sure God-fearing conservative women everywhere are at least pretending to blush.

The ad reminds me of a great Martina McBride video, “When God Fearing Women Get the Blues.” It exposes a whole secret sexy life of a good, Godly woman. Everyone was just shocked by her wild side. Enjoy it just for fun:

Michele Kirk


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